May 7, 2019

Some Student Success Initiatives Aren’t Working (Here’s How to Make Sure Yours Are)

By Civitas Learning

Tina Donahoo

Tina Donahoo is a Principal Strategic Consultant of Outcomes at Civitas Learning, where she works with colleges and universities on the use of advanced analytics for assessment and optimization of student success initiatives and financial aid allocation. Utilizing Civitas’ Impact software tool, Tina helps institutions perform rigorous efficacy measurement of student success initiatives to optimize finite resources, personalize student support and demonstrate the impact of student programs to donors, board members, institutional leaders, and the community.

Angela Baldasare

Dr. Angela Baldasare, Senior Principal Strategic Consultant at Civitas Learning, is an experienced researcher, analyst, and consultant with a demonstrated history of success in data strategy and change management, helping organizations of all kinds use data to inform strategy and achieve measurable outcomes. Angela’s work at Civitas Learning is informed most recently by her eight years at the University of Arizona (UA). From 2014-2018 Angela served as the assistant provost for institutional research, leading the university’s student data strategy, including the use of Civitas Learning analytics, and helping to achieve record high retention and graduation rates for the institution as well as a significant rise in US News and World Report rankings.