graphic of G4 initiative
August 11, 2015

Sinclair Community College Leads with Integrated Student Services

By Civitas Learning

graphic of G4 initiative

Laura Mercer

Ms. Mercer is currently chief of staff at Sinclair. At the time this was published, she served the Director of Research, Analytics, and Reporting at Sinclair Community College. She has 27 years of experience in comprehensive planning, implementation and management within the higher education environment. She maintains responsibility for the institution’s data warehouse and analytics infrastructure, decision support, state and federal reporting, and institutional research.

graphic of G4 initiative

Dr.Anthony Cruz

Dr. Cruz is Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs at Sinclair Community College. He serves as chief student affairs officer and is responsible for articulating and cultivating a clear and progressive vision for maximizing enrollment and student success consistent with Sinclair's vision and strategic plan. Dr. Cruz previously served as the dean of enrollment and student development at Cincinnati State College.