Putting a Face and Name to the Numbers: Illume Students Lists

Illume Student Lists

At Civitas Learning, we’re excited to see the way our community of practice is embracing Student Lists — the newest feature in our core app Illume®. Faced with expectations to do more with less, we know our partners can’t afford to spend the time and resources on generalized, broad outreach and initiatives.

They are finding a way through this challenge with Student Lists. If you haven’t had a chance to explore this feature, it integrates student persistence predictions with the ability to identify student groups most in need of an outreach, or nudge. This lets faculty and staff get a deeper understanding of what support is needed by whom, and then empowers them to act now.

You can learn more about Student Lists here:

Feature Spotlight: Illume Student Lists

Here are some exciting stories from across the Civitas.

Story #1: It’s not just about reaching at-risk students
Colleges and universities are using the powerful predictors to reach students at-risk of not persisting, but also to inspire those high achievers who can take it one step further. By gaining a better, deeper understanding of their highly successful students they can also further refine their outreach to moderate or higher-risk students.

For example, a large online university serving predominantly members of the military and their families is using Student Lists to gain a better understanding into the unique needs of their students. The university has uncovered five very distinct sub-populations of students that have different needs and motivations and are outreaching to each of them in more personalized ways.

Story #2: Driving outreach with precision for performance-based funding
One of our metropolitan public university partners has very high first-year retention rates, but can hit an important performance-based funding benchmark by taking this rate just a bit higher. Prior to Illume’s powerful predictors and the Student Lists feature they were uncertain where to find the small groups of students not previously receiving interventions. The University was able to identify a cohort of 100 students that would benefit most from specific outreach from specially assigned faculty and staff support teams. For many of the students their persistence risk may not have shown through more traditional data. Today, the students are benefitting from a series of highly-personalized interventions to boost that cohort’s retention, one student at a time. Many of these students are only moderately at-risk of not persisting and by knowing exactly which students are at various levels of risk, the retention team can nudge and inspire them to engage a little more, try a little harder, and create a optimum chance for success for all.

Story #3: Gaining better understanding of persistence risks
Another university is using Illume’s Student Lists to segment a large first year group of nearly 7,000 students into smaller groups of approximately 2,500 based on three primary predictors for persistence they surfaced: less than $338 in financial aid, a specific GPA range, and a specific Math SAT Score range.

By understanding who among their first year students had Math SAT scores in the at-risk range, as well as financial aid under the tipping point for persistence, and GPAs in the ‘watch’ range, they were able to identify a cohort of 1,000 students for very specific outreach, and saw a 5.4% increase in persistence probability by the end of the semester.

We’re excited about learning more about the various ways you’ve already found to use Student Lists, and to get that conversation started we held a webinar May 12.

Click Here to Watch the Webinar Recording

We rolled Student Lists out to all of our Illume users and look forward to sharing compelling examples of use cases showing the precision with which you or your peer institutions are reaching out to distinct segments of students with highly personalized outreach.



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