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Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership IconThe power of the Civitas Learning Space is in the thought leaders who contribute their time and talent to share knowledge and insights within this site. They come from a variety of universities, colleges, associations and agencies. They are college and university leaders, grant-makers, courageous visionaries, and more. Each brings a unique perspective and relevant advice to bear on the big issues we are working together to resolve. There are many valuable student success initiatives underway in the U.S. and our goal is to highlight this good work within the Civitas Learning Space. Learn more about our impressive group of thought leaders here. If you have a story to share and are interested in joining our contributors, or would like to suggest an interview with a thought leader you know and respect, please email the editor.


Analytics in Education

Analytics and Education IconAttempts to imagine the future of education often emphasize new technologies – ubiquitous computing devices, flexible classroom designs, and innovative visual displays. But the most dramatic factor shaping the future of higher education is something that we can’t actually touch or see: big data and analytics.”– George Siemens and Phil Long, Penetrating the Fog: Analytics in Learning and Education. For decades institutions of higher education have been collecting data. Sadly, the important insights that could be gleaned from these data are often underutilized at best and at worst, untapped at all in the direct service of student success. Until recently, data has been used to ensure compliance, report to legislators, and report stale and static persistence and completion rates in annual reports. The growing number of online and hybrid courses is creating a stunning, and ever-expanding array of learner data and digital footprints that tell stories we can use to help measurably improve student outcomes. Fortunately, within the last few years, several forward-thinking institutions and agencies have become intentional about utilizing their data to create actionable insights to help students succeed, and to make the human moments at their colleges and universities precious. We look forward to sharing those stories in the Civitas Learning Space.

Learning Together™

Learning Together IconWe believe we can only realize the true potential of our vision of improved student outcomes by Learning Together™ across institutions. We are convinced our partnerships are powerful when we share knowledge, analytics, best practices, and strategic successes. There’s a lot of work to be done as data initiatives get underway. At Civitas Learning, we help institutions interested in the big questions get to the answers they need, and we collectively explore the potential for predictive analytics to dramatically improve higher education. We share successes across institutions to find the best pathways, and to clear the big barriers. By Learning Together™ we can rapidly improve the results of millions of students in our nation’s colleges and universities. In Latin, “Civitas” means community or citizen. We are building a cross-institutional community with our partners. Together we are discovering and delivering 
the most effective approaches to improving student outcomes, and in that process, students’ lives.

The Civitas Learning Space

Co-founders Charles Thornburgh and Mark Milliron share their vision of creating a community that is Learning Together™ with the goal to share knowledge, research and success innovations in a higher education digital community: the Civitas Learning Space.