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  • Faculty Spotlight

    Faculty Spotlight

    Dr. Neal Phillips, English Composition I and II at Valencia College At Civitas Learning, we recognize that a vital part of our community of evidence-based practice is the committed group of faculty members serving our partner institutions. Many are engaging in highly innovative uses of educational technology in their teaching. We will periodically spotlight some […]

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  • Partnership Announced

    Partnership Announced

    Civitas Learning and Starfish Retention Solutions Integration Civitas Learning™ has a new partnership with Starfish Retention Solutions, announced during the STEMTech conference hosted by the League for Innovation. The partnership means Civitas Learning and Starfish can offer their shared partner institutions an integrated experience resulting in smarter interventions to the right students, at the right […]

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  • Insight and Action Analytics: Three Case Studies to Consider

    Insight and Action Analytics: Three Case Studies to Consider

    A journal article from Civitas Learning by Dr. Mark David Milliron, Laura Malcolm and David Kil |  RPA Journal | Research & Practice in Assessment has published its recent issue (Volume 9: Winter 2014) to collaboratively address the question, “What is the role of big data and learning analytics in higher education assessment?” Civitas Learning Chief Learning […]

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  • Creating the Organizational Capacity and Culture for Analytics

    Creating the Organizational Capacity and Culture for Analytics

    Dr. Linda Baer has been leading conversations on analytics in higher education across the U.S. for the last several years, including a recent three-part workshop (with Don Norris) at University of Maryland University College’s Learning Analytics Summit. As a researcher, author, consultant, and former provost, she brings clarity and a unique multi-disciplinary perspective to the work on […]

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  • Turning on the Lights: Translating Insights into Action

    Turning on the Lights: Translating Insights into Action

      JOIN US FOR THIS WEBINAR ON WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2014 at noon CDT. Register HERE for access. WEBINAR OVERVIEW: Join Civitas Learning to learn how institutions can translate data insights into actionable recommendations delivered to the frontlines of education, and design learning interventions that measurably impact student success. DETAILED DESCRIPTION: One of the key […]

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  • Pioneer Partner Talk Show

    Pioneer Partner Talk Show

    Last September Civitas Learning brought together 100+ leaders from 40 partner institutions for opportunities to learn together about the use of predictive analytics in higher education. As part of that Summit, representatives from four diverse colleges and universities shared learnings, and insights into their early work during a talk show for those gathered. Each speaker brought stories […]

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  • Valencia and UCF Deliver Clear Transfer Pathway

    Valencia and UCF Deliver Clear Transfer Pathway

    A recent report by the National Center for Education Statistics studied a cohort of students to identify where students lose precious credit hours in the transfer process. The longitudinal study spanned six years, and examined the transfers created by 17,000 first-time in college students. More than one in five of the 17,000 transferred at least […]

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  • The Pulse of Civitas Learning

    The Pulse of Civitas Learning

    A Survey of September Partner Summit Attendees At our September Summit we asked attendees from our 40 Pioneer Partner institutions to complete the first Civitas Learning Pulse Survey. Our goal was to gather information that would provide our partners with benchmarking survey results identifying both the state of the Civitas – our community – in terms of use […]

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  • Unifying Data Systems and Sources

    Unifying Data Systems and Sources

      Webinar: Unifying Data Systems and Sources to Build a Foundation for Improving Student Outcomes IT organizations at many higher education institutions are getting stretched beyond their capacity, and realizing that their existing technology investments may not be able to live up to the expectations of institutional teams that need technology to make more data-informed […]

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  • September Pioneer Summit 2014

    September Pioneer Summit 2014

    PIONEER PARTNERS FROM 40 INSTITUTIONS LEARNING TOGETHER Last February, leaders from more than 20 Pioneer Partners came to Austin to participate in the Civitas Learning Inaugural Summit. Since then, our community has grown! Our September Summit included more than 100 leaders in higher education from more than 40 partner institutions. Summits bring together the best of four-year, two-year, nonprofit and […]

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  • UMC Shares Vision for Future of Learning

    UMC Shares Vision for Future of Learning

    University of Maryland University College (UMUC) recently hosted its first Learner Analytic Summit in partnership with Achieving the Dream and the Kresge Foundation. The gathering drew an invitation-only crowd of more than 200 faculty and staff exploring the future of analytics in education. Expanding upon UMUC’s collaborative learner analytics efforts with Civitas Learning, the Predictive […]

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  • Finding the King Within

    Finding the King Within

    The mission of Morehouse College is to develop men with disciplined minds who will lead lives of leadership and service. A private, historically black liberal arts college for men, Morehouse realizes this mission by emphasizing the intellectual and character development of its students. When Morehouse faculty or administrators speak about student success a frequent reference […]

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  • Guided Pathways: Access to Success

    Guided Pathways: Access to Success

    Dr. Davis Jenkins has dedicated a significant portion of his career to researching, writing, and advocacy work designed to help strengthen educational pathways to college and career success for disadvantaged students. We met with him recently to discuss his current research on Guided Pathways. Davis is a member of the Civitas Learning National Advisory Board. […]

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  • Sloan-C Adopts New Name: Online Learning Consortium

    Sloan-C Adopts New Name: Online Learning Consortium

    Attendees at the recent Blended Learning Conference in Denver, or those following its very active Twitter feed (#Blend14) were greeted with a new face and name for what has for 22 years been the Sloan Consortium. Faculty, staff and administrators working in online higher education in the last decade or two have likely referenced the […]

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  • 3 Big Questions with Phil Komarny

    3 Big Questions with Phil Komarny

    In this episode of 3 Big Questions we visit with Robots and Pencils CEO, USA Phil Komarny. 3 Big Questions is a recurring feature in the Civitas Learning Space. Access the Archives to see previous conversations with thought leaders from across higher education.   Question 1 You banked pretty heavily on the effectiveness of an iPad […]

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  • OnRamps: Accelerating Success

    OnRamps: Accelerating Success

    Like many universities across the country, The University of Texas at Austin is seeing a misalignment between what high schools students think they need to know to be prepared to succeed in university work, and the reality of what it’s really going to take. “We see far too many students come into UT Austin who […]

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